Our Sweet Sixteen Mix Just Released!

We just unveiled a big prop mix on a small budget, featuring sixteen props manufactured in the U.S.A.! This brand new mix of mustaches and smiles is sure to brighten up any event! Each prop is a reproduction of Whisker Works’ original hand-sculpted designs molded in a high-quality, BPA-and-phthalate-free plastic.

After a year in development, we’re proud to finally share this “Sweet Sixteen” mix, with twelve mustaches and four smile designs brimming with personality and at a price that’s sure to please, just $39! They’re our most popular designs and are made for anything from a party with friends, to weddings and even reunions. They come in a semi-gloss soft-finish plastic on your choice of wooden dowels or stainless steel rods.

Bulk orders of the new set are welcome, with quick turnaround at competitive prices. The larger the order, the nicer the per-piece price, as low as $1.05.

Check out the new props here and read more about our manufactured props here!

Sweet Sixteen 01 bulk 16 Styles 02 A
Whisker Works Prop Display

Whisker Works celebrates 6 years!

It’s a big week for us over here at the mustache factory – we’re celebrating 6 years of our funny business! We’d like to thank you for supporting us and our whiskers by having special discounts this week only.

You have until Sunday, January 17th to visit WhiskerWorks.com and take advantage of the following discount codes:

$5 off a $20 purchase using code “6Years”
$10 off a $35 purchase using code “Whiskers”
$15 off a $50 purchase using code “Anniversary”

Plus get free shipping on orders of $50 or more to a U.S. address, or free shipping on orders of $100 or more to all other countries.

6thAnn_PostCarly Jones Art

Cincinnati Goes Mustache Crazy For All-Star Game


As baseball’s All-Star Game approaches, the city of Cincinnati has gotten in the spirt in part by decorating its downtown with eight-foot handlebar mustache benches. Baseball’s Cincinnati Reds — originally the “Red Stockings” — were a team full of mustachioed players, and the city’s new decor reflects that heritage.

Huge mustache-shaped benches scattered around downtown Cincinnati, Ohio will help get guests in the spirit of things as the city plays host to the 2015 Major League Baseball All-Star Game on July 14th. The Reds, the team hosting this year’s big game, went mustache crazy to promote the team, the sport and the city.

Along with the 8-foot, 850-pound handlebar mustache benches decorated in a variety of styles, the team is promoting a mustache-focused logo and otherwise advertising that baseball and mustaches were once so intertwined it would take an experienced barber an afternoon to make sense of it all. City skycrapers near the baseball stadium are getting in the act, too. Already the nearby Scripps Center features an imposing mustache and old-timey baseball cap at the top of the building. Nearby another landmark tower will feature a 30-foot projection of a historic mustachioed player.

Mustaches absolutely dominated baseball in the late 1800s, as exemplified by John Ward of the New York (now San Francisco) Giants. Sadly, by 1895 mustaches had fallen out of fashion, and were essentially vanished by the early 1900s.

There once was a time when playing baseball mustacheless was unheard of. Nose neighbors dominated the sport’s facial fashions in the late 1800s before abruptly vanishing by the 1910s — save for the outlying team manager. Some say batters with mustaches interfered with the pitcher’s concentration. Others said the pitcher’s mustache was at fault, mesmerizing otherwise talented and focused batters. The players formed an agreement that none would wear mustaches during the regular season. At first, mustache-enamored fans revolted, only gradually re-warming to the game we know today as America’s national pastime.


$3.99 Photo Booth Props + Free Shipping

Holy mustache! The biggest sale Whisker Works has EVER had is happening now. There are more than 20 styles of props for $3.99 each, plus you will receive free shipping on orders of $50 or more to a U.S. destination (free shipping on orders of $100 or more to all other destinations). No coupon code necessary.

Photo booth props on sale
030613_11b Leigh Wells Photography 3b BosomBuddies_1
Leigh Wells Photography 2bSuperlative Mix

Visit the Whisker Works Prop Shop to take advantage of this offer.

New wholesale rates at WhiskerWorks.com!

Whisker Works has increased bulk savings for those customers who need a large quantity of mustache and smile props. For bulk orders only, we are now offering machine-made props that are based on our handmade original designs. Doing so allows us to produce large quantities faster and with consistent colors. These machine-made props are very similar to our handmade ones — take a look at the image below and see for yourself. It’s hard to notice a difference.

Wholesale Rates

Wholesale MustachesWholesale Kits

We chose our top selling four designs to be manufactured by machine, and each one has two colors available. Our bulk props are still made in the USA, and they’re still BPA- and phthalate-free. We can produce large orders fast. But better than that, we can offer really competitive prices on these props with a minimum purchase of 20 pieces.

Sample estimates (subject to change):
• 20 kit-style props cost $60 + shipping: available here
• 100 kit-style props cost $210 + shipping
• 100 assembled props cost $235 + shipping
• 500 kit-style props cost $975 + shipping
• 500 assembled props cost $1,100 + shipping

Visit Whisker Works’ wholesale page for current information. Bulk purchases may be ordered pre-assembled (attached to sticks), or as a “kit style” at a larger discount (sticks are included, but not attached. No glue required). Most kit-style orders can be ready to ship within one day. Most other orders are ready to ship within a week.


Contact Whisker Works for a quote on a custom bulk order.

Individual Prop Kits are also available. They make great stocking stuffers! Find them here.

Prop Kits

All Whisker Works props are proudly made in the USA.

Resolving the Ice-breaker Dilemma

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task — reason enough for the wedding planning industry’s very existence. The amount of details to handle, and associated options, is boggling. One item that might not come to mind immediately, if at all, but makes a huge difference in your wedding’s overall feel, is how well the guests interact with each other at the reception.

Just like with any good party — and this advice does apply to them as well — thinking ahead about who will naturally interact with whom is important, if not critical.  The social butterflies aren’t the issue; your challenge is to figure out how to make everyone else mingle and loosen up in unfamiliar company. Imagine the almost inherent awkwardness of introducing a bride and groom’s parents to each other for the first time. Now scale that up to entire extended families and circles of friends.

There are a few tricks of the trade that work wonders in encouraging intermingling of mixed groups — not the least of which is an open bar. In-person introductions by a common bond, such as the bride introducing her sister to the groom’s sister, are ideal, but when a wedding includes scores if not hundreds of guests, there’s no practical way that can happen with everyone.

You’ll notice that there are common wedding traditions that are handled by a wedding planner or DJ, such as announcing the wedding party at the reception, and announcing planned toasts. Breaking with tradition, though, can really spice things up in a memorable way that leaves your guests smiling days later.

A friend of mine who married recently got the guests out of their chairs quickly, dancing, chatting and laughing, with a gift basket of glow-in-the-dark necklaces and bracelets, along with an assortment of feather boas and hats, delivered just as the music cranked up. Those party favors proved quite the ice-breaker. My own wedding to WhiskerWorks.com founder Amber also brings up fond memories.

Silly ideas can help loosen up even the stiffest guests!

An assortment of silly mustaches on sticks at our own wedding were a big hit — bringing guests together and breaking the ice. It also gave me and my beautiful bride Amber the gift of delightful photographs on old disposable cameras to keep as mementos!

Back then, before the “mustache factory” we report to every day was even a glimmer in our eyes, Amber used what was a simple idea, making a home-made mustache and putting it on a stick, as a fun way to get strangers to interact. She set up a display with an assortment of handmade clay mustaches in a vase near the entrance to our reception site, along with a few disposable cameras. People like playing with those old manual-winding cameras anyway, which when paired with the inherent silliness of a fake mustache, helped our guests loosen up, smile at total strangers and goof off.

More than three years later, that same simple ice-breaker idea has helped delight literally thousands of people at group gatherings of all types. Weddings, just like big parties, offer people, even when dressed to the nines, the opportunity to loosen up and have fun in good company. The more you treat it like a party and plan for breaking the ice between strangers, odds are, the more fun guests will have.

The Postcard Project

Earlier in the year (February 2012 to be exact), I had a little exchange going on with my Facebook fans. For each mustachioed postcard I received, I would send a miniature mustache in return. I encouraged creativity, and that’s exactly what I got! A couple dozen postcards arrived that month, and I now have them all decorating the walls of my studio. Below are my personal favorites, though every one received brought a big smile to my face.

Which ones do you like most? If I can get a bunch of comments on here, then perhaps I’ll consider starting the Postcard Project up again!