To apply for sponsorship, email with a link to your website along with the ad size you are interested in.

Sizes and Rates

Option #1 – 180×150 ad size – $15/month
Option #2 – 180×75 ad size – $10/month

These rates are introductory, as the Handmade Hilarity blog is brand spankin’ new, and are available for a limited time only. Gif files are allowed for ads.

ad sizes

Q: What is a Handmade Hilarity Sponsor?

Sponsors are approved businesses that advertise with an ad on the Handmade Hilarity blog. Sponsors are only a select group of vendors related to the subject matter of this blog: photo booth companies, photographers and artisans.


Q: How does the subscription work?

The subscription is handled through PayPal. I will invoice you directly on the same day every month as long as you are a Sponsor.


Q: Where will the ad be placed on the blog?

All ads are located on the right-hand side of the blog, visible from every page on the blog. Ads will be rotated on a monthly basis, giving equal placement to each Sponsor.


Q: How many hits a month does the Handmade Hilarity blog have?

As this is a new blog, hit count is rapidly increasing. Statistics will be shared once it has been around long enough to have them. The Mustache on a Stick Facebook page has almost 4,000 fans and the Whisker Works shop receives more than 14,000 views per month, a number that is also quickly rising.


Q: Can I cancel my ad subscription?

Yes, you can cancel at any time by sending an email. Your ad will remain on the blog until the end of your paid month.


Q: How do I sign up?

Email with a link to your Web site along with the ad size you are interested in. Once your site is approved, an invoice will be emailed to you via PayPal.