I Mustache You To Vote

Happy voting day, America!

Enjoy this free chalkboard sign download (below) and encourage your friends to vote! It’s designed to print on a standard 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper. White card stock is recommended. Once printed, just cut out your sign and spread the message.

Download the high-resolution file here.

Vote today!

Mustaches are Hereditary

Mustaches must run in my family, because my kid sister is sprouting some whiskers too. She just opened up her shop on Etsy, Wee Hilarity, selling mustache pacifiers for wee ones. Know any babies in desperate need of a ‘stache?

Visit the Wee Hilarity shop to support the ‘stacheless babies you know.

Portrait photos are courtesy Julie Sharek. Her handsome little dude, Fox, turned one on 16 July. Happy birthday, Fox!

Pappa’s Pizzeria Mustache Pizza Party

From mustaches to mozzarella, this pizza party for kids has it all! Each kid was able to make their own pizza at the special pizza-making station. Each setting had a personalized chef hat, pie tin and a miniature rolling pin. In the center of the table there were the toppings: pizza sauce (in a squeeze bottle to make it super easy for the kids), mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, pineapple, and olives.

There was also a mini dessert bar, accented with a chef menu chalk board, mustaches galore and paper rosettes. Chocolate mustaches on sticks, mustache cupcakes, mustache push-pops and pizza slice sugar cookies were available for the kiddos.

The party invitations were pizza boxes that had a 5″ pizza cookie inside. Gift bags included a sheet of adhesive mustaches, a container of salt dough, a miniature mustache rolling pin and a thank you card receipt.

You, too, can make the chocolate mustaches on sticks! It’s simple, and the instructions can be found here. A tutorial for making the paper fan rosettes can be found here. Much thanks to Sweeten Your Day Events for sharing this fantastic party.

The Inquisitor!

The Inquisitor mustache and monocle has been redesigned! The new monocle gives it a hilariously exaggerated appearance. This prop is available in the main Whisker Works Prop Shop and on Etsy. Color options are black, brunette, gray and white. The Inquisitor is available on a steel rod or wooden stick.

Above photos by Snaparazzi Photobooth Company.

Above photos by Rivers Photography.

Mustache Bash Invitations

You can’t have a proper party without a proper invitation! If you’re planning on hosting a Mustache Bash and don’t know where to begin with the invitations, then look no further. Below, in no particular order, are my favorite marvelous mustache bash announcements.

To start, this option by Cio Prints is designed especially for a little one’s birthday party. It even includes crayons and a cute little “I Mustache You to Color” detail card. If this much thought goes into the invitation, then there’s no doubt your guests will be excited about what they’ll find at your party.

I absolutely adore the vintage illustrations on this whimsical invite from B. Nute Productions. Though this example shows party details for a first birthday, this would be perfect for an adult ‘Stache Bash.

Scraps of Life came up with this fancy three-dimensional invitation featuring a swivel design. It’s hard not to imagine the dapper whiskers and English accents that would highlight such a marvelously planned affair.

If simple-yet-playful is the mood of your furry-lipped fiesta, then Itsy Belle has a delightful invitation for you. Better yet, they have a whole party package to match! Party planning can’t get much easier than this.

Finally, you may recognize the following invitation from this post, featured last week. I couldn’t help but show it again! RVParties really did a great job with this lime-and-navy double-sided invite. They even made their own bow ties to match!

And of course, no ‘Stache Bash would be complete without a ‘stache on a stick. Whisker Works offers a great variety of them, so there’s bound to be something to suit your style 🙂

Please feel free to share photos of your Mustache Bash by clicking on the “Submit Photos” link above!

Enter the Mustache

Parties didn’t always have silly mustaches to liven them up — but then again, everything has to start somewhere. Take the mustache itself. The first evidence of anyone wearing one, real or otherwise, dates back to the 4th century B.C., well before the birth of Whisker Works.

The first recorded portrait of a man with a mustache appears on a carpet from 300 B.C., now housed in the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Unintentionally inspiring Tom Selleck, Alex Trebek and countless polka-dot-winged equestrians in the process of looking fabulous.

A mustache first was photographed in 1826 in Paris, France, using a camera made primarily out of wood! Almost 100 years later, a Russian-born New Yorker created the first modern photo booth in 1925. The invention earned him $1 million.

Catapulting the artificial mustache into the mainstream, world-renown British rock band The Beatles gave away cardboard mustaches with their album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” released in 1967. As a side note, though all four Beatles eventually grew mustaches, it started with Paul McCartney, who only grew one to hide a chipped tooth.

Perhaps inspired by the Beatles record, the mustache-on-a-stick concept gained wide appeal after being featured on The Martha Stewart Show in October 2008. Made for that program of dryer lint and fabric glue, they had a hairy realism about them. I tried to make some myself, but only made a big, gross mess.

One year later, I gave the idea another shot — this time using modeling clay. They were a hit at my own wedding, delighting guests who posed for dozens of silly photographs using disposable cameras. Months later, Whisker Works was born. It’s been my full-time job ever since, now with plastic as my medium. My name is Amber and this is my blog. Welcome. 🙂